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From: Alex Carbine
Subject: Homefront 2Paul & Jo 2It was a few weeks later I received an e-mail from Paul and Jo, asking if I
was interested in meeting them one week-end, whilst they were at
school. They explained that they could 'sign themselves out' over night so
long as the school knew where they were. Apparently they had a perfect
alibi and could go wherever they wanted to, without the school worrying at
all. Within days it was set up and I met them at a predetermined place in
their school's town. They had brought their overnight kit and were very
excited. They had left it to me to set up what they liked to call "the
entertainment". I had booked two adjoining hotel rooms in an up-market
hotel chain, in a large town about 40 minutes drive away and I would not
tell them where or what I intended, but simply asked them to go along with
what happened, and guaranteed that they would enjoy it.
They Pthc Toplist Lolita were no problems booking in and we were soon in our respective
rooms, which 'just happened' to have an adjoining Pthc Toplist Lolita door so we could walk
freely between the two suites. The lads were all for having a romp there
and then, but I said not, as I had something lined up for them. It was
mid-afternoon, and I drove them to the multi-storey car park near the park
in the centre of town. From there it was only a short walk to our
"Come on, what are we doing?" asked Jo. "Yeah, What's the action?"
said Paul. I reminded them that I was a commercial traveler and knew my way
around the whole of Britain, and that the town I had brought them to was my
favorite because of where we were going. By this time we were almost at our
destination. On the pavement was an 'A' board advertising the establishment
and there were steps leading up to the black gloss painted door. "Sauna.
Men only." Paul read out loud. Jo looked at Paul and me and said "Is this
where we are going?" "Have you ever been in a gay Sauna?" I asked them.
Their Pthc Toplist Lolita excitement was tangible. "No," they chorused, "we thought we would
not be allowed in." "No bother," I said, "they know me here and I told
them I would be bringing a couple of guests." I went up the steps and
fingered the bell push.
The attendant, a muscular man named Marc who wore a T shirt, tight
shorts and trainers, opened the door. He gave me a polite smile when he saw
me, and then his gaze fell on Paul and Jo. He looked back at me and gave a
broad grin. "You Pthc Toplist Lolita never said they were twinks!" and wagged his finger at me
in mock disapproval. Then his eyes went up and down the street both ways
and he ushered us all in quickly. I went ahead along the corridor and down
the steps into the basement area that was the sauna club. Marc put his
hand on the lads shoulders and guided them after me. When they reached the
bottom of the stairs their heads twisted and turned as they took in the
erotic decor. On all the walls a talented artist had painted scenes of
young men sitting and standing, all with slightly larger than life
genitalia, but all importantly hard. They came over to me at the desk and I
booked us in and paid the admission fees. "You are both over 18, aren't
you," Marc said to the lads. They both coloured up and Jo said "Of course
we are" Marc smiled knowingly at them and then at me. I was given three
locker keys and we went round the corner to the locker room. Paul and Jo
were totally overawed with the situation. "Don't rush into anything," I
advised them, "just have a good look around and see what is where, and then
we will see." I opened the lockers and gave them each the Pthc Toplist Lolita
towel that was
inside. "Strip off and put this round you when you are walking in the
corridors. Put all your clothes in the lockers and we will give the keys in
at Reception. Remember your number! My number is 17 if you Pthc Toplist Lolita want to have a
soft drink - they don't serve spirits- and I will pay for them at the end."
I went over to the bench that was along one wall and started to take off my
shoes and socks. I peeled right down to my underwear which was a jockstrap.
"I remember how much you like these," I said to them. They were just
standing there, holding their towels. They looked at each other and then
stripped off in a frenzy of clothes. I sat and watched. They also were
wearing jocks. I took mine off and threw it in the locker with the rest of
my clothes and wrapped the towel round my waist, and they followed suite.
"Right, let's take you on a guided tour. Over here is the dry
sauna, here are the showers, in there is the steam room, and through here,"
I said as I walked through an archway, "is the plunge pool. It's bloody
cold water, but very refreshing after the hot rooms. Through there," I said
pointing through the windows of the room which ran alongside the plunge
pool, "is the video room, and off there are the cabins. You'll see
everything as we actually go round. Now remember, first time round we just
look. We'll start back in the dry sauna." We retraced our Pthc Toplist Lolita steps and I
opened the pine door. Pthc Toplist Lolita "Leave your towels on the hooks outside," I said
pointing to a row of hooks on which there were already a few towels. "And
remember the seats will be hot at first so be careful."
Inside the lighting was fairly dim but our eyes soon became
accustomed and we could see five people in the room. They all looked at us
as we entered. Five pairs of eyes looked at our faces and then at our
cocks, as they evaluated us. Paul and Jo's eyes quickly adjusted to the
light and as they stood there they took in the scene. On the top wood
slatted bench was a man lying on his back. Another man was kneeling beside
him. On the middle bench were the other three, sitting close to each
other. The lads took this in and then they realized that the man lying down
was in the process of receiving a blow job from the kneeling guy, whilst
the man sitting in the middle was wanking the guys either side of him. I
sat on the lower bench and watched as Paul and Jo reacted to this in the
most natural of ways. Their cocks were already semi-hard through the
excitement of being there, and now they blossomed to fully stiff. "It's
their first time in a sauna," I said to the others, who just nodded and
stared back at the lads cocks. "It's rude to stare, but you can look," I
told the lads. They came over and stood beside me, still watching the
others who leisurely went back to what they had been doing. I caressed
their ball sacs as they continued to watch the sucking and wanking. After a
couple of minutes I said to no one in particular, "We'll be back soon" and
stood up. Jo took hold of my hardon and wanked it gently, looking into my
face. "This is incredible" he said. I opened the door and we moved out into
the changing area. It was then that the lads realized how hot it had been
in there. "You will soon get used to the heat. It's what we have come for."
I said sure. "Sure" said Paul, nodding his head knowingly. We put our
towels on as best as our cocks would allow and I moved along to the steam
room. Again we hung our towels up before entering through the double doors
into the steam room. Again the lighting was low, and there was a layer of
steam across the room. Here the benches were tiled surfaces. Live steam
hissed gently from a valve near the door. There was also a shower
recess. There were several bodies lying in the murk. We walked down the
middle of this steamy room, with the tiled steps ranked up on either
side. We sat down near the far end, and took in what we had just walked
by. Here a man wanked himself watching another lick the balls of a
third. Over there two men were deep kissing each other whilst they mutually
wanked together. But just beside us one man was sitting on the lap of
another, moving his arse around, slipping on the sweat caused by the
heat. He had an enormous cock which Pthc Toplist Lolita
flopped to one side then the other as
he moved. "Can I join in?" Paul asked me looking at this guy's cock. "You
should ask him first. Be honest. Tell him what you would like to do and ask
if he wants it too." Paul stood up, his cock jutting out infront like a
flagpole. He moved over to the guy and said quietly, "I would love to suck
your cock. Is that alright?" "Great" says the guy and Paul bent over Pthc Toplist Lolita and
takes the man's cock in his mouth. I started to stroke Jo's cock as we
watched Paul's head bob up and down slowly on the man's now stiff prick. It
was a big one, thick and circumcised, but long too, and slightly curved.
Paul's left hand wanked the base of it whilst his mouth and tongue went to
work on the purple head. All the while the man moved on the lap of the guy
underneath, taking his weight on his arms that were either side of the
lower mans hips. Suddenly the lower man starts to buck and jerk. Paul
stopped and stood up. The man got off the other guy and we can see that the
lower man has shot his load up the crack of the other guy, who had been
using his arse to rub him off, and who now was feeding his cock into the
sitting mans face, fucking his mouth, whilst cum drips off his cheeks. I
get up again and we three Pthc Toplist Lolita go out the doors. "I think we ought to cool off,
don't you?" I say and we go to the plunge pool.
We can see a couple of people now in the video room and, leaving
our towels on the chairs at the poolside, we sit on the pool edge, dangling
our feet in the cold water. "Christ, I've never been anywhere like this. Is
it like this all the time?" asks Paul. "It's what each visitor makes of
it," I reply. "Sometimes its quiet, and sometimes it positively rains
flying spunk." I ease myself into the water and they follow. It's a real
shock to the system, but it was needed as we were getting really hot. I
swam to the ladder at the corner and hauled myself out. Paul and Jo were
standing just in their depth and I realized that they were stroking each
others cock and balls. "Plenty of time for that later," I said and motioned
for them to get out. Wearing their damp towels they followed me into the
video room. The room contained five massage style low beds on which one
could sit or lie, and watch the television. Two men were sitting on one of
the beds watching the video as we came into the room past the TV. It was
only when you saw the TV you understood why the two men were wanking. The
video showed one young hunk fucking the arse of another young stud. The
sound was turned down, but you could hear his grunts as the thick, hard,
condomed cock reamed his arsehole. "They show videos all the time. If you
want to have a rest from the action, just come in here." Jo was standing
there watching the video intently, with his towel to one side, wanking in
time to the movie. "Jo seems to be settling in," I said. "I told you," said
Paul, "Jo wanks continuously." We sat down on the beds and watched the
video. After just a few minutes a door opened at the back of the room and
two guys walked out from the corridor of small rooms behind. Neither of
them are really making any effort to cover themselves. One has got cum
over his face and chest and the other has cum over the base of his cock.
They walk out, making for the showers. "There are six private rooms, called
cabins at the back there. If you want to be private, or simply just have a
rest, they are somewhere to go. Oh, and by the way, always practice safe
sex if you are fucking. There are condoms available everywhere, they are in
small yellow painted buckets, and are there to be used. There are also
sachets of starter lube. And don't forget to use the covered wastebins
after." Paul looked at Jo and drawled "Fucking A1!" Jo was still watching
the video and wanking slowly. The other two guys stood up and, holding
hands, went to one of the cubicles with stiff cocks wagging as they walked.
"Well, where do you want to make a start?" I asked them. "The steam room,"
said Paul and Jo nodded, eyes glued to the screen and his fist pumping his
meat. I stood up and we made our way to the steam room.

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